The Clamshell Beach Press Store

  1. Select a category from the online catalog.
  2. Scan through the list of items available.
  3. Click on an item's name or image to view a detailed description.
  4. From the item's detailed description page, specify a quantity then click on Add to Cart.
  5. Click on Cart Contents to view the current contents of your cart.
  6. Click on the Checkout link or button to begin the checkout process.
  7. In the first step of the checkout process, specify your customer information.
  8. In the second step of the checkout process, select a shipping method.
  9. In the third step of the checkout process, select a payment type. You also enter any coupon codes at this point.
  10. On completion, items will be sent to you or made available for download.

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Note: This store only supports shipping physical products within the United States. If you want to ship a product internationally, please click here to contact us.